Watermelon Body Scrub

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A gentle, natural Body Scrub that gently exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves the skin soothed and hydrated.

Made with 99,9% of ingredients from natural origin, this gorgeously, grainy and natural Body Scrub does more than just slough off scaly skin. It restores, detoxify and leaves the skin incredibly smoothed and feeling nourished.

It’s secret lies in its two salts formula – Sea salt to polish and Epsom Salt (a mineral-rich salt) to exfoliate and detoxify – combined with a cocktail of botanical oils. Not only it’s satisfyingly grainy enough to leave skin smooth and deeply exfoliated but it is packed with Watermelon Oil that nourishes and softens the skin.

Epsom Salt : rich in magnesium, helps to get rid of dead skin cells and is also valued for health benefits . It reduces inflammation and promotes muscle relaxation.
Watermelon Oil : hydrating and anti-oxidant rich oil, it will bring a glow back to your skin.
Coconut Oil : a nourishing oil that leaves the skin noticeably smoother, suppler and moisturised.

If you want a natural, beautiful, sun-kissed glow this summer our Body Scrub is a key ally to properly prepare you skin. Since the Body Scrub helps strip dead skin from the surface, the result is a more even tan and healthier-looking skin overall.

Cruelty Free – Vegan – Allergen-free – Mineral-Oil free – Silicon-free – Paraben – free – . No PEG – No Nano – Alcohol-free – Micro plastic-free.


Once or twice a week, use our Body Scrub in the shower. Scrub in a circular motion and focus on areas that want extra attention. Rinse with water.